butte county incident reports

The sheriff's office said it began . . Crash Reports by State. Due to suspicious circumstances, Portland Police Homicide Unit Detectives responded to the scene . M-Th -8:00am to 4:30pm Learn more here about the value of ano-cost legal claim evaluation. Online: Buy crash reports on NDOT Storefront. ), 03/02/2023-15:52 223CR0005004 SNOW REMOVAL COMPLAINT 800 BLK CALEDONIA STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-16:01 223CR0005005 HIT AND RUN 2975 WASHOE ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-16:12 223CR0005006 DISTURBANCE 400 S CLARK ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-16:22 223CR0005007 T/S 1000 BLK S MONTANA BSB1 (T/S @ 1000 BLK S MONTANA), 03/02/2023-16:49 223CR0005008 T/S PARK ST AND WASHINGTON STBSB1 (T/S @ PARK ST AND WASHINGTON ST), 03/02/2023-17:07 223CR0005009 ACCIDENT 100 E FRONT STREET BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-17:15 223CR0005010 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 58 W PARK ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-17:18 223CR0005011 HARASSMENT 714 KENWOOD ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-17:24 223CR0005012 T/S JACKSON ST AND PARK STBSB1 (T/S @ JACKSON ST AND PARK ST), 03/02/2023-17:35 223CR0005013 T/S SECOND AND DAKOTA BSB1 (T/S @ SECOND AND DAKOTA), 03/02/2023-17:36 223CR0005014 JUVENILE MISC 2600 GRAND AVE E MIDDLEBSB1 (POSSESSION OF TOBACCO PRODUCTS), 03/02/2023-18:02 223CR0005015 T/S ALUMNIUM AND MONTANABSB1 (T/S @ ALUMNIUM AND MONTANA), 03/02/2023-18:06 223CR0005016 FOUND PROPERTY ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-18:24 223CR0005017 T/S 531 S MONTANA BSB1 (T/S @ 531 S MONTANA), 03/02/2023-18:32 223CR0005018 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 4201 CONTINENTAL DR(NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-18:37 223CR0005019 T/S 531 S MONTANA BSB1 (T/S @ 531 S MONTANA), 03/02/2023-18:44 223CR0005020 DISTURBANCE 400 S CLARK ST BSB1 (PROTECTIVE CUSTODY), 03/02/2023-19:08 223CR0005021 DISTURBANCE 1400 ROW SILVER BOW HOMESBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-19:41 223CR0005022 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 800 W GRANITEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-19:46 223CR0005023 ANIMAL COMPLAINT 2015 GEORGE ST (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-19:58 223CR0005024 BUSINESS CHECK 2000 DEWEY BLVDBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-20:13 223CR0005025 T/S AUGUSTA AND ELIZABETH WARRENBSB1 (T/S @ AUGUSTA AND ELIZABETH WARREN), 03/02/2023-20:23 223CR0005026 T/S WOOLMAN AND MONTANA STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-20:27 223CR0005027 T/S GRAND AND GARFIELD BSB1 (T/S @ GRAND AND GARFIELD), 03/02/2023-20:32 223CR0005028 T/S MONTANA AND GOLD ST BSB1 (NO LIABILITY INSURANCE IN EFF. Physical Therapist /PT - Home Health. DAILY MEDIA RELEASE FOR - 03/02/2023 TO 03/03/2023, 03/02/2023-00:45 223CR0004934 WELFARE CHECK 1365 JOY LANEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-01:22 223CR0004935 ALARM - BURGLARY ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-02:15 223CR0004936 T/S 2711 HARRISON TOWN PUMPBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-03:09 223CR0004937 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 1532 ELM ST (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-03:33 223CR0004938 UNWANTED PERSON ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-04:38 223CR0004939 DISTURBANCE-NOISE 1404 SILVER BOW HOMESBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-07:51 223CR0004940 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 1029 NEVADA ST(NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:02 223CR0004941 ALARM - BURGLARY ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:04 223CR0004942 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 942 W WOOLMAN STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:10 223CR0004943 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 1115 W WOOLMANBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:17 223CR0004944 WELFARE CHECK 310 W FRONT STREETBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:20 223CR0004945 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 18 W PACIFICBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:20 223CR0004946 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 3703 HARRISON AVEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:28 223CR0004948 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 413 N MONTANABSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:30 223CR0004950 T/S MERCURY AND SHIELDS BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:30 223CR0004949 T/S BSB1 (T/S @ ), 03/02/2023-08:31 223CR0004951 BUSINESS CHECK 58 W PARK ST PARKING GARAGEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:34 223CR0004952 T/S SHIELDS AND TEXAS AVEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:35 223CR0004953 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 505 N WYOMING STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:39 223CR0004954 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 225 N ALASKA STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:46 223CR0004955 T/S AMHERST AVE AND GLADSTONEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:53 223CR0004956 THEFT 737 W PARK BSB1 (THEFT FROM MOTOR VEHICLE), 03/02/2023-08:53 223CR0004957 THEFT 1370 HARRISON AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:56 223CR0004958 ASSIST OTHER AGENCY 155 W GRANITEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-09:00 223CR0004959 ACCIDENT ALUMINUM AND MONTANABSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-09:04 223CR0004960 ALARM - MEDICAL ************ (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-09:07 223CR0004961 T/S S WYOMING/THIRD BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-09:24 223CR0004962 T/S GEORGE AND HARRISON AVEBSB1 (T/S @ GEORGE AND HARRISON AVE), 03/02/2023-09:25 223CR0004963 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 134 CLAY ST (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-09:31 223CR0004964 T/S PLATINUM AND WYOMINGBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-09:41 223CR0004965 T/S MONTANA AND ALUMINUMBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-09:50 223CR0004966 DETENTION BUSINESS ************ BSB2 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-09:55 223CR0004967 WELFARE CHECK 61 W BROADWAY STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-09:57 223CR0004968 WELFARE CHECK 800 W GRANITE STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-10:00 223CR0004969 T/S FARRELL ST AND ADAMS STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-10:04 223CR0004970 LOST OR STOLEN PROPERTY 1500 FAIRMONT RDBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-10:12 223CR0004971 T/S MERCURY AND SHEILDS BSB1 (SPEEDING), 03/02/2023-10:21 223CR0004972 ACCIDENT GRANITE AND IDAHO BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-10:26 223CR0004973 WELFARE CHECK 1505 N MAIN STBSB3 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-10:28 223CR0004974 T/S CONTINENTAL AND KOSSUTHBSB1 (FAILURE TO SHOW PROOF OF INS), 03/02/2023-10:54 223CR0004975 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 1201 S MONTANA STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-11:04 223CR0004976 UNWANTED PERSON ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-11:07 223CR0004977 T/S TEXAS AVE AND SILVER BOW BLVDBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-11:16 223CR0004978 ASSIST OTHER AGENCY 1619 B ST BSB3 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-11:18 223CR0004979 T/S FRONT ST AND DAKOTA STBSB1 (T/S @ FRONT ST AND DAKOTA ST), 03/02/2023-11:37 223CR0004980 JUVENILE MISC ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-11:38 223CR0004981 JUVENILE MISC 401 S WYOMINGARREST(s) MADE BSB1 (ASSAULT, SIMPLE), 03/02/2023-11:45 223CR0004982 T/S FARRELL ST AND HOWARD STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-12:02 223CR0004983 SUICIDE ATTEMPT/THREAT ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-12:02 223CR0004984 T/S GILMAN AND BUSCH BSB1 (OPERATING WITHOUT CURRENT REGI), 03/02/2023-12:36 223CR0004985 WANTED PERSON ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-12:48 223CR0004986 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 155 W QUARTZ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-13:05 223CR0004987 FOUND PROPERTY ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-13:21 223CR0004988 JUVENILE MISC 401 S WYOMINGARREST(s) MADE BSB1 (ASSAULT, SIMPLE), 03/02/2023-13:23 223CR0004989 DISTURBANCE 327 GRANITE MOUNTAIN RDBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-13:33 223CR0004990 PARKING COMPLAINT 814 W COPPER ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-14:36 223CR0004992 ASSIST OTHER AGENCY 155 W GRANITEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-14:45 223CR0004993 DETENTION BUSINESS ************ BSB2 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-14:56 223CR0004994 DISTURBANCE 2925 DEXTER BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-15:04 223CR0004995 THEFT 531 S MONTANA ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-15:05 223CR0004996 DISTURBANCE 2632 OTTAWA ST ARREST(s) MADE BSB1 (PFMA - REASONABLE APPREHENSION), 03/02/2023-15:05 223CR0004997 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 3400 HILL AVE(NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-15:12 223CR0004998 T/S PLATINUM AND MONTANABSB1 (T/S @ PLATINUM AND MONTANA), 03/02/2023-15:22 223CR0004999 ACCIDENT S IDAHO/W PORPHYRY BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-15:25 223CR0005001 WELFARE CHECK MAIN AND MERCURY BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-15:25 223CR0005000 T/S PLATINUM AND MONTANABSB1 (T/S @ PLATINUM AND MONTANA), 03/02/2023-15:26 223CR0005002 WELFARE CHECK 205 W GRANITE ST #308 BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-15:37 223CR0005003 T/S MONTANA ST AND TECUMSEHBSB1 (NO LIABILITY INSURANCE IN EFF. 03/02/2023-00:45 223CR0004934 WELFARE CHECK 1365 JOY LANEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES) Road Closed. Job specializations: Healthcare. Fire crews worked throughout Tuesday night in an attempt to slow the spread of the Dixie Fire burning in California in Butte and Plumas Counties, which is near the site of the 2018 Camp Fire. 1844 Jessup Rd El Centro, CA DOT Road Conditions and Accidents . BUTTE COUNTY, CA (September 8, 2022) - Monday afternoon, Barbara Harris was fatally struck in a red light collision on Highway 162. . Drones help rebuild Butte County as seen in Netflix documentary 'Fire in Paradise' . Ring has signed agreements with more than 1,300 . 03/02/2023-01:22 223CR0004935 March 2, 2023By Eric Tegethoff- Producer,Contact ), 02/26/2023-00:45 223CR0004651 ALARM - BURGLARY ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-00:51 223CR0004652 DISTURBANCE-NOISE 2700 BLK WALNUT STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-01:32 223CR0004653 CITIZEN AID 100 BLK W PARK ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-01:47 223CR0004654 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 3250 HECLA ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-01:48 223CR0004655 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-01:51 223CR0004656 DISTURBANCE 1031 S ARIZONA ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-01:53 223CR0004657 CITIZEN AID 10 BLK E BROADWAY BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-01:56 223CR0004658 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY EXCELSIOR ST IRON BRIDGEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-02:11 223CR0004659 JUVENILE RUNAWAY 622 W QUARTZ STARREST(s) MADE BSB1 (UNGOVERNABLE JUVENILE), 02/26/2023-02:39 223CR0004660 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 600 BLK W QUARTZBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-05:22 223CR0004661 DISTURBANCE 230 S WASHINGTON #230 BSB1 (PFMA - REASONABLE APPREHENSION), 02/26/2023-06:32 223CR0004662 ACCIDENT-MHP I15 SB MM113 BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-06:47 223CR0004663 PROWLER 1561 BROWNING ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-07:28 223CR0004664 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 531 S MONTANA STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-08:16 223CR0004665 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 16 E ALUMINUM STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-09:01 223CR0004666 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 2027 UTAH AVEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-09:10 223CR0004667 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 1817 HOWARD STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-09:12 223CR0004668 CITIZEN AID 400 S CLARK ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-09:13 223CR0004669 UNWANTED PERSON 814 PLACER ST ARREST(s) MADE BSB1 (OBSTRUCTING A PEACE OFFICER), 02/26/2023-09:16 223CR0004670 ALL OTHER 827 EMPIRE ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-09:28 223CR0004671 THEFT 631 S UTAH AVE BSB1 (CRIMINAL MISCHIEF), 02/26/2023-10:15 223CR0004672 WELFARE CHECK 2908 WHITE BLVD BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-10:55 223CR0004673 T/S 3600 HARRISON AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-11:25 223CR0004674 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 1247 E SECOND ST(NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-11:59 223CR0004675 SUICIDE ATTEMPT/THREAT ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-12:05 223CR0004676 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 2900 HARRISON AVEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-12:12 223CR0004677 VANDALISM/CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 1365 JOY LANEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-12:16 223CR0004678 CIVIL STANDBY 312 GRANITE MTN RD BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-12:27 223CR0004679 JUVENILE RUNAWAY ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-12:31 223CR0004680 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 736 S DAKOTA STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-12:46 223CR0004681 DETENTION BUSINESS ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-13:16 223CR0004682 HARASSMENT 2714 YALE AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-14:00 223CR0004683 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 2320 AMHERST AVE(NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-14:03 223CR0004684 ASSIST OTHER AGENCY 17 MULLIN ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-14:29 223CR0004685 THEFT 3526 GAYLORD ST ARREST(s) MADE BSB1 (THEFT, ALL OTHERS), 02/26/2023-14:41 223CR0004686 DISTURBANCE 50 W BROADWAY ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-14:43 223CR0004687 MEDICAL - ASSIST ************ (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-15:30 223CR0004688 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 225 N ALASKA STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-15:30 223CR0004689 THEFT 2730 YALE AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-15:53 223CR0004690 FIRE - OTHER 5101 S WARREN AVE #12A(NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-16:13 223CR0004691 MEDICAL - ASSIST ************ (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-16:27 223CR0004692 WELFARE CHECK 2908 WHITE BLVD ARREST(s) MADE BSB1 (VIOLATION OF RELEASE CONDITION), 02/26/2023-16:29 223CR0004693 DISTURBANCE N CLARK // W GRANITE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-16:45 223CR0004694 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 2009 LOCUST ST(NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-16:59 223CR0004695 DISTURBANCE 2310 PRINCETON ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-17:05 223CR0004696 WELFARE CHECK 1515 OREGON AVE #810 BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-17:09 223CR0004697 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 1917 STUART AVE(NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-17:35 223CR0004698 UNWANTED PERSON ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-18:24 223CR0004699 PARENTING PLAN 1308 SILVER BOW HOMESBSB1 (VISITATION INTERFERENCE), 02/26/2023-18:27 223CR0004700 UNWANTED PERSON 2100 CORNELL AVEARREST(s) MADE BSB1 (CRIMINAL MISCHIEF), 02/26/2023-19:11 223CR0004701 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 1365 JOY LANEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-19:27 223CR0004702 ALARM - BURGLARY ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-19:31 223CR0004703 BUSINESS CHECK 1000 S EXCELSIOR AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-20:16 223CR0004704 BUSINESS CHECK 3136 BUSCH ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-20:23 223CR0004705 WELFARE CHECK 2505 HANCOCK AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-20:31 223CR0004706 BUSINESS CHECK 22 W GALENA ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-20:42 223CR0004707 UNWANTED PERSON ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-20:49 223CR0004708 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 1004 GRIZZLY TRAILBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-20:51 223CR0004709 BUSINESS CHECK 1400 HARRISON AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-21:20 223CR0004710 ALARM - FIRE 2609 HARRISON AVE (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-21:23 223CR0004711 UNKNOWN PROBLEM 516 N WYOMING STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-22:09 223CR0004712 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 2612 SILVERBOW BLVD(NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-22:34 223CR0004713 T/S 2544 HARRISON LISACS TRI STOPBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-23:03 223CR0004714 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 62 W BROADWAY ST(NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-23:07 223CR0004715 UNWANTED PERSON ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-23:22 223CR0004716 ALL OTHER 225 N ALASKA BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-23:28 223CR0004717 DISTURBANCE 2610 PINE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/26/2023-23:41 223CR0004718 T/S ARIZONA 400 ROW SILVER BOW HOBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-05:21 223CR0004728 WELFARE CHECK 122 N IDAHO BSB1 (NO OFFENSES). After completion of this special audit in March 2018, the report at the link below was published by the State. If you have an emergency, please call 911. . According to the investigators, a 1999 Chevrolet truck and a 2002 Acura were involved in the collision. El Centro California Live Traffic and Accident Reports. The Bear Fire is part of the larger North Complex of fires burning in Butte County, Yuba County and Plumas County. Accident Data Center can help you by connecting you with our network of experienced injury lawyers who can provide you with information about your rights and options. The 2014 Bundy standoff was an armed confrontation between supporters of cattle rancher Cliven Bundy and law enforcement following a 21-year legal dispute in which the United States Bureau of Land Management (BLM) obtained court orders directing Bundy to pay over $1 million in withheld grazing fees for Bundy's use of federally owned land . The cost is $13 + tax. Yes, well if peter had done a better job of providing, perhaps patti would not have been working so hard and not been at that place that morning. 5 Gillick Way, Oroville, CA 95965, United States Non-Emergency Number: 5305387321 Location Date/Time Vehicles Involved Description; Crash ID: 91999173 LINCOLN BLVD. I totally agree that some Americans have brain worms. The incident is being managed under Unified Command with California Interagency Management Team 14 and CAL FIRE. The Butte County Sheriff's Office signed an agreement with Amazon's home surveillance equipment company, Ring, in September 2020 to gain special access to the company's Neighbors app. Thank you for visiting the City of Oroville, CA. South Dakota Accident Records. Crash reports may only be disseminated to the person(s) listed on the report written by the assigned police officer, including property owners, insurance . County Hwy-S29 Road is closed from I-8 (Drew Rd/CR-S29) to CA-98 (Drew Rd/CR-S29). OROVILLE, CA 3 DAYS AGO. See also: MHP Reported Incidents. In Butte County, statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that traffic crashes remain a primary public safety issue. Such records shall be replaced without charge. The Butte County Police Department maintains detailed records on arrests, investigations, and the actions of police officers and makes many of . Butte County Sheriffs Office offer's 2 ways to get a copy of your accident report: Phone: 6058922737. Select a State; Zero visibility closes Highway 32 in Butte, Tehama counties TEHAMA COUNTY, Calif. - Highway 32 in Butte and Tehama counties closed Tuesday afternoon due to zero visibility and winter weather conditions, Caltrans District 2 said. Before sharing sensitive information, make sure you're on a federal government site. Search Incidents: Begin Date * Searches limited to the past 10 days. The Records Office is also responsible for registering the addresses of sex offenders, narcotics offenders, arson offenders and some gang members. The main fire entered Butte County this week. News How Pearland Police Department use the Mavic 3E for Accident Reconstruction Jan 17, 2023 Copyright 2021Accident Data Center Privacy Policy Terms of Use Sponsorships, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Two on plane, identified as Ronald McHale, 75, and Kurt Dunning, 66, die after it crashes near the airport near Chuck Yeager Way in Oroville, California, 38-year-old man succumbs to injuries after being ejected from vehicle near Power House Hill Road outside Oroville, California, One hospitalized after crash on Eighth and Main Streets in Chico, California, Three people killed in multi-vehicle crash involving semi trucks on Highway 99 near Biggs, California, Walter Gerken, 27, killed and several injured in boat crash on Lake Oroville in Oroville, California, One person killed, two injured, and hit-and-run driver John Gieck arrested in collision on Highway 99 in Oroville, California, One person killed in hit-and-run collision at Highway 99 and Ord Ranch Road in Biggs, California, Carlos Gonzalez, 47, killed when struck by hit-and-run driver Foothill Boulevard and Lower Wyandotte Road in Oroville, California, John A. Lowe, 46, Crystal A. Smith 40, and Thomas Fridrich, 61, killed, Highway 70 near Feather River Canyon near Chico, California, Gene Barlow, 60, killed in motorcycle crash on Oro Bangor Highway near Oroville, California, Bicyclist killed in collision at Elliott Road and Almond Street in Paradise, California, One person killed in head-on collision on Highway 99 near Biggs, California, Man killed, and Holly Nadine Logan, 36, and Kimberlee Z Bainbridge, 52, injured in collision on Highway 99 near Richvale, California, Man killed, and three people injured in two-vehicle collision on Highway 99 in Oroville, California, Harry Whitley, 52, killed in head-on crash on Highway 162 at Kelly Ridge Road in east Oroville, California, Woman bitten 3 times by copperhead snake at Virginia restaurant. Search Incidents: Begin Date * Searches limited to the past 10 days. F - 8:00am - 1:00pm, To Change your notification info 1.866.939.0911. All Rights Reserved. Incident ID Nature Location Status; Sat, 1:27 AM 2023-063-013: 911 HANG UP: 1200-BLK W SACRAMENTO AVE Beat 1 LOG ENTRY ONLY : Sat, 1:17 AM 2023-063-010: ALARM AUDIBLE: 3700-BLK MORROW LN Beat 4 DETAIL COMPLETE Chico, CA 95928, Magalia Substation A purchased report may be downloaded for up to 24 hours. UNABLE TO CALL BACK 9-1-1 OUT DIAL PHONE ONLY, REFER 02/27 INC/ 2302270028 FOR HX WITH 10-21 NUMBER; CALL PLOTTED SIMILAR THEN. Prisoner / DOB / SocSec / Agency# Booked Booking# Pod Hold For / BondRelease Magalia, CA 95954, Civil Division Learn more about collision reports. frontline fire apparatus carry auto extrication tools so they can begin working immediately at the scene of an auto accident," CAL FIRE said. Critical Incident Stress - . The Dixie Fire started on Tuesday, July 13. Electronic fingerprinting, known as Live Scan, is also done for background clearances needed for employment or licensing. Our officers patrol State Route 70, 99, 162, and 149 as well as approximately 900 miles of unincorporated county roadways and 56,000 acres of state property within the Oroville Wildlife Area. Butte County Sheriff Retweeted. The Oroville Area serves the south region of Butte County providing safety, service, and security to over 69,000 residents, commuters, and tourists. I tried to email you it's not sending! Women in Tree Care - A Force to Be Reckoned With. Meanwhile, Madera County declared a state of local emergency as crews headed into their fourth day of battling the 9,500-acre River fire near Yosemite. The Butte police department and Butte-Silver Bow County coroner's office released the name of the victim in the fatal hit and run accident last week in Butte. Since there is no cost to speak with a lawyer, it is a good idea to learn more aboutyour potential claim. Jennifer Mitchell remembered getting a call nearly two years ago that her 69-year-old husband, Bill, had crashed his car and had been committed to the Montana State Hospital, the . * Denotes required fields. Buy a copy of an Investigator's Motor Vehicle Crash Report. BCFAC provides a place to post firsthand accounts, scanner chatter, photos, videos, and media links regarding fires, accidents, and crimes occurring in Butte County, California. We will prepare for this responsibility by our commitment to training and community . In addition to 24 hour policing, we offer Butte County citizens a full range of services including,coroner services, civil services, court security and corrections. 03/02/2023-09:00 223CR0004959 ACCIDENT ALUMINUM AND MONTANABSB1 (NO OFFENSES) . The Butte County Police Records Search (California) links below open in a new window and take you to third party websites that provide access to Butte County public records. The crash happened northbound on Highway 32 east of Gianella Road at around 3 p.m. Latest News . With well-trained and professional personnel we will strive to provide our Town with a sense of safety, security, and trust. Data limited to available free public records. Construction and Accident Report. TCI Buyer's Guide. . Live Scans are done by appointment only, appointments can be made by calling 530-538-7391. Give your home the best chance of survival. Disposition: No Report Taken. Car, truck, bicycle, pedestrian, and motorcycle accidents are all a common occurrence, despite improvements in vehicle safety features, road design, bicycle and pedestrian corridors, and traffic signs. This page is not monitored 24/7. Requests can also be submitted by mail addressed to: Butte County Public Health. DAILY MEDIA RELEASE FOR - 03/02/2023 TO 03/03/2023 Here is today's jail roster. Repair efforts by DWR resulted in heavy truck traffic on roads maintained by Butte County. Read our affiliate disclosure policy here. The Sheriff's Office serves all the citizens of Butte County by providing a mix of public safety and public service functions. Butte County, California online crash report, accident report and criminal report search service. Two years ago, the Camp Fire - California's deadliest and most destructive wildfire in history - swept through 153,336 acres over 16 days. butte county had no effective tools for the enforcement of illegal. Butte County, CA . Following our democracy for Friday, March 3, 2023, BSB jail roster for Friday, March 3, 2023, BSB police report for Friday, March 3, 2023, Preserving wildlife, climate critical topics for the 2023 farm bill, Yonder report for Thursday, March 2, 2023, BSB Police report for Thursday, March 2, 2023, BSB police report for Wednesday, March 1, 2023, BSB police report for Tuesday, February 28, 2023, BSB police report for Monday, February 27, 2023, BSB police report for Thursday, February 23, 2023, BSB police report for Wednesday, February 22, 2023, BSB police report for Tuesday, February 21, 2023, BSB police report for Friday, February 17, 2023. Arrest Reports: Location: Oroville , Butte County, California: Data Source: City of Oroville Police Department . According to the Butte County Sheriff's Office, deputies were called to the 5300 block of Margo Lane in Oroville around 10:40 p.m. Saturday for reports of a shooting. 202 Mira Loma Drive, Oroville, CA 95965. When officers arrived they located a deceased person. Car, truck, bicycle, pedestrian, and motorcycle accidents are all a common occurrence, despite improvements in vehicle safety features, road design, bicycle and pedestrian corridors, and traffic signs. Hospital, Medical Specialist. Check on the condition of all people involved in the crash; Get appropriate medical treatment, and track the details; Take photos of vehicle damage and injuries; Consider hiring a personal injury attorney. July 13, 2021. Alabama; Alaska; Arizona; California; Colorado; Delaware; District Of Columbia . Mobile users scroll down for news . If you require assistance filling out this form please call 402-479-4645, Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm CST (excluding Holidays). In Person: Butte County Sheriffs Office, 839 5th Ave #5, Belle Fourche, SD 57717, United States. In Person: Highway Safety Section, 1500 Nebraska Parkway-Room 14, Lincoln, NE. After a Butte Countyaccident, there are manyissues that need to be handled immediately. Includes free searches of California 911 calls, police activity logs, sheriff logs, police dispatch logs, daily patrol logs and crime blotters. Perform a free Butte County, CA public police records search, including police reports, logs, notes, blotters, bookings, and mugshots. 14166 Skyway Sheriff Hansen. Pulga Road at Camp Creek Road near Jarbo Gap. Butte Police Report BW Blacksmith BSB Jail Roster Rosterfarians! Crash reports are filed by the Helena Police Department for vehicle crashes within the City of Helena. Please contact Sam Casale, Butte County Behavioral Health, PIO with any questions at (530) 552-2728. Records can be obtained in person at the office location situated at 202 Mira Loma Dr, Oroville, CA 95965, USA. The Sheriffs Office provides around-the-clocklaw enforcement service to every region of the county. Facebook . BUTTE, Mont. This site contains affiliate links. - A person fleeing law enforcement caused a crash involving multiple cars in Great Falls Friday.

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